We're constantly curious and continuously innovating to develop effective, sustainable products.

BioClin is a Dutch innovation company that makes highly effective, over-the-counter (OTC), selfcare products which are available in pharmacies and drugstores worldwide.

Based on our patented ingredient, 2QR-complex, our products provide direct relief while they treat and prevent the common health problems and discomforts caused by a disturbed microbiota. They have a broad spectrum of efficacy, evidenced by science.

Every year millions of customers around the world choose our products. We are the market leaders in bio-active selfcare. We specialize in complete product ranges for vaginal health, mother and baby care, diabetes care, nutrition and weight management. We’re constantly innovating to meet customer needs and we’re passionate about the quality and efficacy of our products.

We follow a people-profit-planet philosophy.  We seek out collaborations that are beneficial to all those involved and which treat our natural environment with respect.