We love what we do and we value fair partnership in friendship.


BioClin operates a people-planet-profit system. We care about making the most effective problem solving products, and we’re involved in every stage of the process.  Our highly motivated and experienced scientists, product specialists, quality and registration teams all play an important part in our success.

Our values

We believe in fair partnerships, made in friendship and we want all our partners to benefit through their cooperation with us. We’re not afraid to stand out from the crowd – we dare to be different because we know that’s part of successful innovation. We believe in our products and know how effective they are because we use them ourselves.

2QR-complex: Our main active ingredient

2QR-complex (pronounced to cure)  is BioClin’s patented, active ingredient for the treatment and prevention of microbial complaints.  2QR-complex neutralizes harmful microbes by blocking their adhesion to human tissues. It is made of highly refined and purified natural polysaccharides. The discovery of the unique mode of action of the complex came after (link to Anti-adhesion page) many years of research, in collaboration with the Free University in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Cross section of an Aloe leaf.

Cross section of an Aloe leaf.

We use 2QR–complex as the basis for a variety of products aimed at the prevention and treatment of microbial imbalance and the common health problems and discomforts related to it.

Products containing 2QR-complex offer the first line of defense against microbial disturbance and in some cases can prevent the need for other medicines.

We are part of the process from plant to customer

BioClin is heavily involved in the production and supply process of our main active ingredient. We ensure the highest quality standards for all the raw materials in our products. We work closely with our plantations and our production partners often work with equipment designed and developed under BioClin’s control.

ISO certified bio-active selfcare products

BioClin is ISO 13485 certified.

BioClin is ISO 13485 certified.

As product innovation is the core focus of the company, research and development together with quality management are founding principles for BioClin. The company is ISO 13485 certified, which is the strictest quality  standard for Medical Device handling.

Operational affairs are outsourced within a contracted network of well known and specialized laboratories and contracted manufacturing locations in The Netherlands and other EU countries. We maintain the highest clinical and safety standards.

BioClin is the legal manufacturer responsible for the quality of its products; which is why all contract manufacturing production sites have GMP (Good Manufacturer Practice) or ISO (International Standards Organization) certification.

We care about making the most effective, problem solving products.

Company structure

BioClin is a Trimb healthcare company.