Fair partnerships, made in friendship.

BioClin is represented in 52 countries with at least one product group. We are looking for new distributors for several product groups. Please feel free to contact us with any questions or about business opportunities.

We make fair partnerships in the spirit of friendship.

Our Brands

Product development at BioClin is based first and foremost on consumer needs. We always consider potential, efficacy, and true added value. BioClin products are sold through exclusive, long-term partnerships around the world. Over 20 products in different categories and several license opportunities based on unique, multiple patented concepts are available. Most products are CE marked and Medical Device registered.

Would you like to grow with us?

Our bio-active selfcare products are available over the counter through drugstores and pharmacies in 52 countries around the world. BioClin is taking big steps towards becoming one of the fastest growing companies in the selfcare product sector in the Netherlands. This growth is reflected in multiple product innovation awards and nominations. Our growth has two drivers: product innovation and international expansion. BioClin has a collection of strong brands, with patents that are valid for many years to come. BioClin has been dedicated to developing and producing innovative health concepts for more than 25 years.

We believe in creativity, entrepreneurship, honesty and collaborations that benefit all of us. Every company needs good, solid business partners to be able to grow, from marketing and sales partners, to flexible production and supply contract manufacturers. We create long-term, strategic partnerships and grow together with our partners.

Benefits of working with BioClin

  • Our product propositions have clear added value for the consumer and therefore also for our partners.
  • Our products are based on natural ingredients and their efficacy is supported by science and research.
  • All our products are registered and patent protected.
  • Our products have a short time to market.

Would you like to grow with us? You are welcome to join the BioClin business family! Get in touch here with your questions and to discuss opportunities.