We're constantly curious and continuously innovating to develop effective, sustainable products.

BioClin is an innovation company, so we are continuously working on new products and new markets and expanding rapidly. We’re always open to strategic, sustainable new business opportunities and partnerships. We also develop and manufacture own-label products, in different categories, for other companies.  These products are ‘white label’ and can be branded as the distributor desires.

Ready-to-market products include problem solving skin and ear care. Our skin provides us with a strong and vital protective barrier. The skin’s epidermis consists of several layers of cells that prevent pathogens reaching deeper tissues. In addition, the dry and slightly acidic surface of the skin create an inhospitable environment and prevent unwelcome microbial growth.An imbalance or disruption of the skin’s microbiota is one of the most common causes of itchy, cracked or dry skin problems. At times like this, you need additional help to restore the healthy balance. Our range of problem solving skincare products, based on our patented ingredient 2QR-complex, help the body to strengthen its own biological processes.   We developed this problem solving skincare line for private label – so that it can be branded as our licensing partner wishes.

BioClin is looking for international licensing partners to distribute these products.


BioClin’s highly effective, bio-active selfcare products are available in drugstores and pharmacies in 52 countries. We work closely with our marketing and distribution partners, with whom we have long-term, exclusive partnerships.

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