2QR-complex: A natural , safe alternative to antibiotics for microbial problems.

Bacteria under a microscope.

Bacteria under a microscope.

2QR-complex prevents adhesion of harmful microbes (pathogens) and restores the healthy microbiota

  • Microbes use adhesins to bind to polysaccharide structures on the receptors of human cells.
  • Polysaccharides with structures similar to those of human cells can bind to microbes, and act as a decoy to block the interaction of harmful microbes with human cells.
  • 2QR-complex was identified as a natural and safe anti-adhesion polysaccharide fraction derived from the inner leaf gel of Aloe barbadensis leaves.
  • The high diversity of polysaccharide structures in the patented 2QR-complex results in excellent anti-adhesion activity against many harmful microbial pathogens.
  • 2QR-complex blocks the adhesion of pathogenic microbes to human tissues but does not affect the growth of beneficial commensal microbes. Therefore, 2QR-complex treats and prevents the binding of harmful microbes to human tissues and creates a situation with competitive advantage for beneficial microbes. It corrects and restores the healthy microbiota.
  • 2QR-complex is harmless for human cells and tissues; it does not exert any chemical, metabolic or immunological response in the host tissues.

2QR-complex in over-the-counter, bio-active selfcare products

2QR-complex based products can be utilized as a first line treatment in correcting and restoring the microbiota and to treat the symptoms related to disturbed microbiota. They offer a novel and safe way to prevent microbial infections. 2QR-complex is not a medicine. The use of products based on the 2QR-complex is not indicated in case of a severe infection because its large polysaccharide molecules do not penetrate the tissues; at this stage medication remains the best solution.

Each year many millions of 2QR-complex based products are sold in over 50 countries around the world.  BioClin’s selfcare and over-the-counter products have been on the market since 1998 and many hold a leading market position around the world.

Bio-active selfcare products can selectively neutralize harmful microbes and restore the healthy balance of our microbiota.

Cross section of an Aloe leaf.

Cross section of an Aloe leaf.

2QR-complex: A summary of the science

  • 2QR-complex polysaccharides derived from Aloe barbadensis offer an innovative way to selectively neutralize pathogenic microbes by blocking their adhesion to the cells of skin and mucous tissue membranes.
  • By neutralizing pathogenic microbes, the beneficial commensal microbes can re-establish the healthy microbiota. As a result, 2QR-complex combats pathogenic microbes and corrects and restores the healthy microbiota.
  • This mode of action renders pathogenic microbes harmless in a natural and safe way, has no side effects and does not provoke any microbial resistance.
  • In vitro and clinical studies show that 2QR-complex has potent anti-adhesion activity against different classes of pathogenic microbes.

For more information, please go to: 2QR website