Nature provides powerful Ultra Nutrients to support our nutrition.

The food we eat: How to compensate for lower nutrient content in our food

A balanced diet is the first step towards proper nutrition, looking good and maintaining a healthy body weight. Unfortunately, even when we think we are making good choices for our diet, we are not necessarily getting the nutrition we need:  The nutritional value of fruits and vegetables has decreased considerably over the past thirty years1.

Nutritional value of fruits and vegetables 1985 - 2002.

Nutritional value of fruits and vegetables 1985 – 2002.

Consuming supplements has become a common approach to try and compensate for this lack of nutrients. In both the US and in the EU, over 50% of the people use nutritional supplements (vitamins, minerals etc.) on a daily basis3. However, these supplements are often made of artificial and synthetic ingredients. Due to their composition our bodies have a difficult time taking them up, even in high dosages.  Additionally, many of these supplements are just isolated substances, which limits their effect.




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What are UltraNutrients

Ultra Nutrients are substances that naturally contain extremely high levels of specific vitamins, micro elements and minerals. Our formulations are bio-available which means they are designed to be easily taken up by the body. They include the full spectrum of nutritional elements that your body needs to get, stay and look healthy.

The NutraLinea range

The NutraLinea range has been specially developed to help you look good and feel great.  Our range supports an active lifestyle and offers innovative formulas to help you manage your weight without compromising optimal nutrition.