Improving the quality of life for millions of women around the world

In 1989 BioClin co founders Annelize Goedbloed and Floris Koumans realized the potential and importance of  addressing women’s health.  They knew that women’s needs were not being fully met and that 2QR-complex could be a game-changer in the selfcare sector. They were proved right. Today BioClin sells millions of products annually worldwide and continues to innovate in women’s health.

Women encounter many different health issues at different stages in their life. Menstruation, having children, breastfeeding and menopause all involve radical shifts in a woman’s physiological health. Largely ignored or over-medicalized in past decades, women’s common health problems are at the heart of our product innovations. BioClin is passionate about providing women with effective, quality products that they can buy over the counter.

Vaginal Health

Vaginal discomforts can have a serious impact on a woman’s life. Often there is a microbial cause.  30% of women in the U.S. aged 14-49 suffer from Bacterial Vaginosis (BV)* and recurrent Candida infection is also extremely common.

Vaginal health is dependent on the balance of the vaginal microbiota, which can be disrupted by various factors including hormonal fluctuations, medication, hygiene and diet changes. It is important to remain alert and be conscious of the vaginal area throughout life, since anything that is out of the ordinary may be an indicator of a health problem.  Symptoms include abnormal vaginal discharge, odor, itching, pain, soreness, redness and/or dryness.

BioClin’s Multi-Gyn Multi-Gyn offers a complete range of intimate selfcare products for the treatment and prevention of common vaginal discomforts. Our products give immediate, direct relief.

*Source: Koumans EH, Sternberg M, Bruce C, McQuillan G, Kendrick J, Sutton M, Markowitz LE. The prevalence of bacterial vaginosis in the United States, 2001-2004; associations with symptoms, sexual behaviors, and reproductive health

Mother and baby care

Avoid discomfort while breastfeeding.

Avoid discomfort while breastfeeding.

Being a mother can be both exciting and challenging.  Mothers know that breastfeeding is good for their baby’s health and their own wellbeing is the most important factor in continuing to breastfeed. Ideally, mothers will feel comfortable and relaxed when breastfeeding their babies. But it is common to experience discomforts that can affect how they feel about breastfeeding. For example, incorrect latching on position for the baby can cause nipple tissue to crack and become sore. This can spoil the experience and mean mothers have to stop breastfeeding sooner than planned.

For babies, teething can be uncomfortable. Problems can range from swollen gums, disturbed sleep and irritability to diarrhea. It is clearly important to minimize the baby’s discomfort.

The innovative Multi-Mam selfcare product range solves specific problems for mother and baby. Reassuring and effective, they can be bought over the counter to make life a bit easier for busy mothers.